134 People Fill The Survery? 134 Wans IN...

"BOOM! Easily Bank $2K To $3K 
In Your Fiverr Account Starting
From This Month..."

Hey There,

Idrees Farooq here, 

A couple days agao I have been approached by a group of my Fiverr products buyers and they said

" Idrees, you're an 100k+ earner on Fiverr and most of us are stuggling to bank even $100 per month on Fiverr...We want to know what if you had to make $2000 to $3000 in this month,

assuming that you have no skills, no experience and have to start it from scratch, ....what would you do on Fiverr right NOW to get that $2000 to $3000???

Well that was a sudden surprize and at first I was not ready.

So I juggled around a couple different ideans and finally narrowed it down to a ONE Solid Action Plan to get $2000 to $3000 per month on Fiverr.

And this is a real surefire way to reach that goal and since I've already done that, I am 100% sure that It Works.

In fact it is so easy to implement that my 14 years nephew can do this.

This Is EXACTLY What I Did In 2016 to
Bank $100K+ On Fiverr 

The group of my Fiverr buyers were really surprised to see the whole outcome of their question. Once I explained the whole plan, they simply asked me 

" Idrees, is this possible that you come out with a A to Z Comprehsive training where you can show us everything live on webinars so that we can follow your plan exactly as you explained in this private discussion?" 

And I Immediately said " Why not, Let's bring it on? "

Finally I made a 6 Weeks Action Plan To Reach $2K To $3K per Month On Fiverr

So if you don't have a $2K to $3k per month business on Fiverr, and you don't have any tech skills, and you don't have any knowledge whatsoever, then read every word of this page...

Because my 6 Weeks Action Plan will not only help you to have an awesome $2K to $3K Months.. but it can also ensure that 2017 is an amazing, and highly profitable year for you on Fiverr.

Ultimately you can have $100K Business on Fiverr in 2017 as I have in 2016. Why not, everything is possible if you follow a successsful action plan

Here's What You DON'T Need...

  • You don't need ANY experience
  • You don't need to have any particular skill
  • You don't need to have website
  • You don't need your own Gigs to sell
  • It doesn't matter what age you are
  • It doesn't matter what country you live in
  • It doesn't matter what niche you are into 

6 Weeks Action Plan is totally different. You've never heard of this one before I can pretty much guarantee that ;)

I thought of 4-5 different fast surefire methods. And we narrowed it down to ONE super unique method. One that I would personally do if were in a real tough spot.

And just a word of warning..

I can only let a small # of people In on this because otherwise this Action Plan will potentially get oversaturated...

Only those that are serious will jump on this.

And the awesome thing is you can get started right away with this and hit the ground running asap! Because I'm going to be giving you some DFY tools & complete live training how to use them.

And thanks to this Unique 6 Weeks Action Plan, and my DFY tools...

And I did a survey to my Fiverr Buyers List to see who is interested and got an awesome response of 6 Weeks Action Plan Training.

You can see 134 filled the survey and they want to have a spot in 6 Weeks Action Plan Training to bank $2K to $3K per month on Fiverr.

But Spots are limited and you've to hurry to get In...

You can easily make $100 A Day On Fiverr
applying this Action Plan...

(bold claim yes, but you'll see what I mean when you get in the inside.. you'll see how brain-dead simple this really is.)

I feel pride myself in bringing you this 6 Weeks Action Plan and there is absolutely NOTHING hotter than this right now.

And I'll say it again.. This is a completely EVERGREEN Action Plan, meaning it'll work just as well in 2017 so that you ensure you have a great year!

This core method will never dry out.

This Action Plan has everything in it responisble for mine $100K on Fiverr in Year 2016

Ok guys, how will this training be delivered?
is it truly step by step?

I was initially going to do a short video series with this, but based on the feedback of several people that want in on this, they requested over-the-shoulder training.

So knowing that, the very best thing to do so that you can hit the ground running is to do Exclusive LIVE trainings for 6 Weeks Action Plan to cover every aspect of it.

And each session of this training will of course be recorded for those that can't make it.

On each Live training session, I will dive in deep into the core pillars of "6 Weeks Action Plan" & I will also go over the specific DFY tools so that you know exactly how to get started with them.

6 Weeks Action Plan Training Sessions will be extremely A to Z so that you know EXACTLY what to do and so that you aren't guessing...

And I will be there to answer any and all of your questions so that you don't hit any roadblocks.

I am willing to be there on every live training session until questions stop coming in. If I go for 2-3 hours with each session, that's fine with me.

Bottom line is I want to give you guys a solid action plan, a SUREFIRE plan, a plan that is responsible for $100,000+ in net profits on Fiverr in 2016.

And now it's YOUR turn to get your piece of that pie.

Here Is What You Will Get Inside...

  • The Core 6 Weeks Action Plan (Bank $2000 to $3000 per month on Fiverr)
    If you want to bank an easy $2000 to $3000 Per month on Fiverr or an $100K Business on Fiverr, Then this Action Plan by itself can easily make it happen for you.
  • 6 Weeks Live Webinar Training Sessions
    In 6 Weeks Live Sessions, I will show you everything live how to implement 6 Weeks Action Plan. These are over the soulder Live session and you will see me doing everything from Finding the niche, creation of Fiverr Profile and then delivering the order to clients. Everything will be done infront of you & Live.
  • The Done For You Tools ( $147 per Month Software & DFY Sheets )
    You will be provide a $147 Per Month Software & all done for you sheets including multiple Fiverr Profgiles Mangement sheet and Balance Sheet for $100K Fiverr business. I will also share all of my outsourcing templates with you if you are interested to outsource your work.
  • BONUS: PROVEN Method To Ensure You Have Big Paydays On Fiverr
    I realize that a small handful of people might want to go after a different method instead of the Core Action Plan. Or maybe you'll want to do BOTH. That's why I'm including an additional method so that you have a second option.

I'm so confident that you will generate 10x time of your investment with this, and that's why I'm willing to protect you completely with this purchase...

In Fact... I GUARANTEE Results...

Bottom line. If you follow my 6 Weeks Action Plan exactly, you will see results. Period.

I'm not selling you theory. I'm teaching you something that works. You've seel the results already. Don't You.

Remember 134 people are wanting in on this... but I really can't take that many.
Otherwise this Action Plan would potentially get oversaturated. And that's why I'm limiting the spots on this.

30 spots only, 0/30 spots gone!

Special Price : $97

Once these spots are filled, that's it. The doors will have to close.

Over 100 people replied to very first email within just TWO hours saying they wanted in on this. So knowing that.. our prediction is that these spots will go extremely fast.

If you're wanting to make that $2K to $3K bucks, then I seriously cannot think of a better Action Plan than this one right now. This is extremely unique and is something you haven't seen before.

I can't wait to see you profiting with this on Fiverr,

Idrees Farooq

30 spots only, 0/30 spots gone!

Special Price : $97

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